Boost Your Vacation Rental Business with Upselling

Boost Your Vacation Rental Business with Upselling

Upselling, in a nutshell, is when you offer extra services or goodies on top of what your guests already booked. It's a nifty strategy for vacation rental managers, like those at Stay Classy Management, to make more money and keep guests happier.

Standing Out in 2023's Competitive Vacation Rental Market

The vacation rental world is packed in 2023, and every manager wants their property to be the one guests remember. Upselling is your secret weapon here. It's not just about making your place look good; it's about giving your guests an experience they won't forget.

More Money in Your Pocket

When you upsell, you're basically increasing the value of each booking. Think peak season: everyone's looking for a place, and your added services can be the cherry on top that brings in more dough.

Happier Guests, Better Reviews

Upselling is more than just a money thing. It's about giving your guests a stay they'll rave about. This leads to glowing reviews and, fingers crossed, them booking your place again.

Upsell Ideas for Stay Classy Management

Be a Local Guide with Concierge Services

You know your area best. Why not use that knowledge? Offer to book tours, recommend restaurants, or even get tickets for local attractions. It's all about making your guests' stay hassle-free and fun.

Easy-Peasy Travel with Transportation Services

Airport pick-ups, car rentals - these are lifesavers for guests, especially in a new city. Team up with local transport services, and you can make their arrival and getting around a breeze.

Food Glorious Food (and Drink) Packages

Stock up their kitchen or hook them up with local catering. It's a big win for guests who either can't or don't want to shop and cook. Plus, it's a great way to introduce them to local flavors.

Sparkling Clean with Housekeeping Services
Offer extra cleaning services for guests who just want to relax. It keeps your property in top shape and makes their stay more enjoyable.

Fun and Games with Equipment Rentals

Bikes, kayaks, ski gear - renting out this stuff can make your guests' vacation even more exciting. It's convenient for them and profitable for you.

Flexibility with Early Check-In or Late Check-Out

Allowing guests to tweak their arrival or departure times can be a big relief, especially if they've got odd flight timings. Just make sure it fits your schedule too.

Wrapping It Up: Upselling for Success

Upselling, when done right, can be a game-changer for vacation rental managers. It's about crafting a stay that guests will remember, recommend, and repeat. It's a strategy that benefits everyone - more fun for them, more business for you.


Ready to Transform Your Guest Experience?

Thinking about upping your game? Check out Stay Classy Management's upselling tools. They're all about personalizing your guests' stay and making the most out of every booking. Get a demo and see how you can elevate your property in the eyes of modern, digital-savvy travelers. Let's get your business goals on track!

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