Elevate Your Property to a Premier Vacation Rental: Six Essential Tips

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The short-term rental arena is witnessing a surge, particularly in the luxury segment. Even as the world recovers post-pandemic, luxury accommodations are in high demand. Skift projects that by 2020, luxury hotels and vacation lodgings will make a swift comeback, positioning this niche as a lucrative investment.

Turning your property into a high-end rental can augment your revenue. A few strategic tweaks can amplify its allure and fetch a premium price. Here are six pivotal suggestions to metamorphose your property into a premier Airbnb haven.

1. Prioritize Premium Amenities

Guests eyeing luxury stays prioritize top-notch amenities. To elevate your space's allure, think about additions that spell luxury. Offer branded toiletries or gourmet beverages. For instance, stocking up on Le Labo products can significantly enhance your property's appeal. A few suggestions include:
  • Premium deodorants
  • Quality toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Branded shampoos and conditioners
  • Gourmet coffee and teas
  • Bottled water
  • Gourmet snacks

Consider introducing luxury features like a hot tub, sun deck, workout gear, or even a chic workspace to pull in discerning guests.

2. Curate a Welcome Hamper

Attention to minute details can make a world of difference. Present your guests with a bespoke welcome hamper. Ideas include:
  • Locally sourced coffee beans
  • Artisanal beer
  • A choice wine from the region
  • Sparkling water
  • Freshly baked local treats
  • Premium cheese and crackers
  • Gourmet chocolates

3. Refine Interior Design

The aesthetic appeal is paramount for luxury rentals. Whether you draw inspiration from design journals or platforms like Pinterest, ensure your space exudes luxury. Collaborate with an interior designer for optimal results. Even nuances like fresh upholstery, indoor plants, or plush pillows can be game-changers.

4. Professional Photography is a Must

An exquisite property deserves equally exquisite photography. Engage a professional photographer specializing in interiors. You might also consider working with a property stager or designer to enhance the appeal before the shoot. Quality imagery can substantially boost your rental's allure.

5. Engage a Top-Tier Cleaning Team

Impeccable hygiene standards are non-negotiable for luxury rentals. Collaborate with a meticulous cleaning team known for their eye for detail. Consider offering additional cleaning for extended stays. Many luxury patrons anticipate services akin to a hotel maid's. Thus, impeccable cleanliness ensures a lavish experience.

6. Integrate Automation for Effortless Experience

Modern luxury is synonymous with seamless experiences. Offer automated solutions for:
  • Digital guest guides
  • Touchless check-ins and check-outs
  • Instant Wi-Fi connectivity
Increasingly, automation is becoming the hallmark of top-tier hospitality. Maintain regular communication with guests using automated emails, ensuring they always feel valued and attended to.

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